Huntington's Disease (HD): is a nasty hereditary, degenerative Brain disorder
which has No Cure, Yet.

As brain cells die HD slowly takes away an person's ability to walk, talk, think and reason.

Eventually, a person becomes totally dependent upon others for her/his care,
while being fully aware of their decline.

All Races, Female, Male, Children are suffering through HD on average of 15-20 years.

HD is a Family disease, which means, if a parent has HD then All the children are "at risk" of having the disease, during each others lifetime.

Not like a cancer when only 1 person gets "it" and everyone else rallies around to get through "it".

When 1 parent has HD, then many of the children will suffer from HD "at the same time" during their lives together, leaving no-one really to care for them destroying the Family unit.

Certain death follows from complications like choking, heart failure or infection…
there are no treatments, no therapies no cure, Yet.

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