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Huntington's Disease (HD): is a nasty hereditary, degenerative Brain disorder
which has No Cure, Yet.

As brain cells die HD slowly takes away an person's ability to walk, talk, think and reason.

Eventually, a person becomes totally dependent upon others for her/his care,
while being fully aware of their decline.

All Races, Female, Male, Children suffer through HD on average of 15-20 years.

HD is a Family disease, which means, if a parent has HD then All the children are "at risk" of having the disease, during each others lifetime.

Not like a cancer when only 1 person gets "it" and everyone else rallies around to get through "it".

When 1 parent has HD, then many of the children will suffer from HD "at the same time" during their lives together, leaving no-one really to care for them destroying the Family unit. This happen with our many Family units

Certain death follows from complications like choking, heart failure or infection…
there are no treatments, no therapies no cure, Yet.

Living a life with Huntington's disease is best addressed by living with the highest quality of life possible.

Exercise, mental activities; games and stay as social as possible, quality foods.

Each person has a personal routine and wants to keep their independence.

We had 6 Family members who each had their own identity and we learned through each of them that one of the key things was their need to live as normal a life as possible.

Some people are aware or their decline, some are not. 2 of our 6 where not aware, while the other 4 were until their last days.

Another thing, Huntington's disease is unique to each person it affects.  Which means, a person may have similar symptoms like a chorea but at a different degree.

Of our 6 family members only 3 had chorea and each at a different time.

Emotional changes will happen both from the illness and because the person who understands is reacting to the changes.

There is a stage that everyone who drives will have to give up that independence.

HD is tough but laughter can help. Love is the biggest instrument to have in your pocket of answers to the many changes that will happen.

You are the expert of your Family member or friend with HD because. You will know this person's nuances about their personality, likes and dislikes, be there for them.  

We look for no pity just your awareness.
Help make Huntington's disease better known by Doctors and the general public.

Hold a fundraiser, like a walk, wheelchair race, run, bowling, skydive, shave your head, have a dog walk, pole sitting, go-kart race, art fair, pie-in-the-face, hot-dog eating, chilli cook-off, BBQ cook-off, demolision derby, square dance, new years eve bash, battle-of-the-bands, karokee party, car wash, e-bay auctions, etc.


You Can Help Us Boost Awareness About Huntington's Disease.

Thank you so very much.

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